Table Grape Cultivars

Vinifera table grape cultivars, such as Thompson Seedless or Flame Seedless, do not have sufficient cold hardiness to be grown in the Midwest.

Although Concord and many other seeded grapes such as Buffalo, Alden, Steuben, Seneca, Golden Muscat, Edelweiss, Swenson Red, Yates, and others are grown and consumed fresh, berries without seeds are most in demand for table use, and these will be listed separately (Table 2) due to their uniqueness.

Since fruit appearance and berry size greatly influence marketability, special cultural practices, such as application of gibberellin acid sprays, girdling, and thinning, must be used to produce table grapes commercially. Each cultivar demands a special mix of these practices for optimum marketability.

A recent publication Growing Table Grapes in a Temperate Climate, Michigan State University Extension Bulletin E2774 describes the cultural practices and special management needed to successfully produce table grapes in the Midwest.



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