Deer in a large mob behind special deer fences

Deer can be farmed on a fenced piece of land suitable for grazing  with deer raised for the purpose of hunting tourism or as livestock. Similar species such as elk, moose and even reindeer may also be farmed in this method, sometimes on the same land. This practice is very different from the way Arctic communities like the Laplanders migrate in open country with their herds of reindeer.

The technique has expanded in recent years due to the rising popularity of venison. New Zealand is the largest supplier of farm-raised venison. In 2006 New Zealand had approximately 3,500 deer farms, with an estimated stock of 1.7 million deer.

Deer are the first new animals to be domesticated for over 5,000 years. The large scale commercial farming of deer started in New Zealand, and New Zealand remains the world’s largest and most advanced deer farming industry;however, deer are not native to New Zealand.

The first deer were brought to the country from England and Scotland for sport in the mid to late 19th century, and released mainly in the Southern Alps and foothills. The environment proved ideal and the uncontrolled feral populations grew to high numbers. By the middle of the 20th century feral deer were regarded as a pest because of their impact on the native forests. From the 1950s deer cullers were employed by the government to keep the numbers in check.

Farmed New Zealand deer under snow-capped mountains

The export of venison from feral deer started in the 1960s, turning a pest into an export earner. Industry pioneers saw an opportunity to build on this base and in the early 1970s started capturing live deer from the wild and farming them. A new industry was born and rapidly spread throughout New Zealand.


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