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Farmers – how often have you spent your precious evenings surfing the internet for information on the farming subjects that interest you?

Are you frustrated by your internet connection or download speed?

Do you waste hours waiting for internet sites to open or for files to download?

Are you confused by the range and quality of farming information produced by search engines such as Google?

Then why not go first of all  for free to a single farming information site that will give you access to a vast amount of information on farming topics from around the globe, gathered together in one place,  digested and ranked by quality and value for your personal information? Our company comprises agricultural consultants with over 35 years of farming and agricultural consulting experience to call on to “separate the wheat from the chaff “ in the information revolution and provide you with quality information about all your farming questions.

Managing farming information should be like "tip-toeing through the tulips!"

We do the searching for you to save you time, money and headaches by finding, classifying and delivering the farming information that we have found most useful to the business of farming.

This is an interactive site; we invite you to become involved in its continual improvement. If you have information that you would like to share with the wider farming community, we offer the opportunity to add it to the site with an acknowledgement of source, subject to editorial approval for data quality and relevance.

Gary Hutchinson, Editor of Informed Farmers, inspects his crop of persimmons

This should be the first site that all farmers go to whenever they connect to the internet.  We encourage you to take a rest from your farming day to come and have a look at all the latest information on the site.

While we have some advertising on the site (to pay the bills!), we are totally independent of any commercial or Government agency control. Please support our advertisers –they help us to provide this free service for farmers in recognition that quality information is fundamental to proper use of rural goods and services.

“Successful farmers in the future will be those who can farm information as well as they can farm their stock, crops or pasture”

Gary Hutchinson