Earthworms are an essential part of farming ecosystems. Earthworms are the animal group with the largest biomass of any that shares the earth’s surface soils. In 1881 Charles Darwin wrote” Of all animals, few have contributed so much to the development of the world ,as we know it, as earthworms.” 

Historically, only worm-populated soils were sufficiently fertile to produce the food that sustained life. Worms are diminutive little creatures which do their work silently and out of sight. Worms improve soil productivity and can be used in restructuring degraded lands. Worm Farming , while in its infancy as an industry can make a low cost, large and profitable business.

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Earth Worms and Soil Fertility

Cultivating Bulk Earthworms

Starting a Worm Farm

Commercial Waste Disposal Units

Heavy Metals and Earth Worms

Worm Care

Liquid Worm Castings

Worm Farm Systems

NPK and Earth Worms

Earth Worms and the Soil

The Earth Worm

Earthworm Body Systems

 A Worm Made Sponge

Earthworm Identification

Putting Worms to Work

Breeding Habits and Growth Rates of Earthworms

Earthworm Mating Habits

Supplementary Feeding of Earthworms

Watering Earthworms

The Worm Beds

Harvesting Worms

Worms For Fishing

The Worm Grown Bed

The Bulk Worm Bed

Earthworm Mating Habits

Worms for Profit

Earthworms and Vermicompost and Vermicast

Earthworm Casting

Packing and Shipping Earthworms

Earthworms,Vermicast and the Farmer

Earthworm Summary