The Informed Farmers Website

Informed Farmers is a free website that compiles the best of agricultural information from around the globe into a single information resource for busy farmers. We only show articles on the site that we consider to meet an high standard for quality, accurate information that is presented in a clear manner with lots of photos or illustrations.

Articles and Information are sourced from agricultural organisations from throughout the globe provided that the information is freely available on that organisation’s website. A link and acknowledgement is provided on each published article to the source website.


Topoclimate Australia, the parent company behind the Informed farmers Website were nominated for a Sunnys Business Award by the Coffs Harbour  Chamber of Commerce organisation in the “Achieve Anything” Category of the Awards.

At a Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the CEX Club  on Saturday 17th September 2011, their bid was nominated as a finalist and then won the Award in that category.

Gary Hutchinson and Elaine Norman proudly show off their Sunny's Award

In his acceptance speech, Gary Hutchinson, CEO of Topoclimate Australia, thanked the sponsors Key Employment and also congratulated his staff for their excellent efforts in getting  the Website up and running and developing into a runaway success for the company. “Staff have been employed under a Federal Government Disability programme but I prefer to consider that we have uncovered a whole range of hidden ABILITIES amongst these keen and enthusiastic people” he said.