Reducing Stress To Alligators When Harvesting

In most states written approval and tags must be obtained from the state regulatory agency (e.g., Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) before alligators can be harvested.

Some states also have a minimum length requirement (e.g., at least 4 feet, unless the animal dies from natural causes) at harvest.

All alligators¬†¬† must be . . . → Read More: Reducing Stress To Alligators When Harvesting

Feeding And Nutrition To Growout Alligators

Research on the diets of wild alligators show that diets change as animals grow; but, in general, alligators consume a diet high in protein and low in fat. Early alligator producers fed diets high in fish flesh.

Research later showed that medium to large alligators eat mostly higher protein prey (i.e., birds and . . . → Read More: Feeding And Nutrition To Growout Alligators

Growing-out Alligators For Harvesting

Alligator production in environmentally controlled houses is similar in intensity to production in poultry and swine houses. As with any highly intensified agriculture activity, alligator  farming has a high degree of risk and demands special management skills.

Management skills in alligator production are particularly critical since these animals have been removed from the wild . . . → Read More: Growing-out Alligators For Harvesting

Incubation And Hatching Of Alligator Eggs

The method and timing of egg collection is very important. Alligator embryos are very sensitive to handling (mechanical injury) from 7 to 28 days after they are laid. Many embryos will die if handled during this period.

Current recommendations are either to collect eggs within the first week or wait until the fourth week . . . → Read More: Incubation And Hatching Of Alligator Eggs

Courtship And Breeding Of Alligators

Courtship and breeding activity is extremely important. Alligators appear to develop a social structure within a group.

Wild alligators which are captured and penned can be very aggressive toward each other during the breeding season.

Wild males have been known to kill rival males during the breeding season, and wild females will kill, . . . → Read More: Courtship And Breeding Of Alligators

Management Of Breeding Alligators

Alligator farming requires specific culture techniques and specialized knowledge on the part of the producer. The commercial production of alligators can be divided into 3 phases:

management of adult alligators egg collection, incubation, and hatching grow-out of juvenile alligators to market size

In Louisiana, Florida and Texas eggs and/or hatchlings maybe taken from the . . . → Read More: Management Of Breeding Alligators