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Welcome to the INFORMED FARMERS website.

This website has been developed by  Consultants from TOPOCLIMATE AUSTRALIA, a Farm consultancy company based in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia  but operating throughout most States of Australia and also New Zealand and internationally.

The Company’s Managing Director, Gary Hutchinson has had a long career in agriculture and farm consulting , starting as a Soil Conservator working with Government Agencies and Catchment Authorities in the South Island of New Zealand, progressing to work with Regional Councils on land management  and then as a Land resources Scientist  for Agresearch in the high Country of New Zealand before developing the Topoclimate concept for integrated land management involving improving productivity, diversifying into new crops and farming systems and managing land more sustainably.

The Topoclimate concept was adopted by a regional community in the Southland Region of New Zealand from 1998 until 2001 in a $4.2M project to identify and map the critical factors of the region constraining farm development: its soils and microclimates. This project was a unique investment by a local community in advance of Government support and they were rewarded by the creation of over 3000 additional jobs in their regional economy by this project and associated initiatives.

As part of this project, it was identified that quality information on all aspects of farming was a key ingredient to the success of the Project and  farming in the area.

When the project concluded in 2001, Gary responded to considerable demand from Australian farmers for similar projects to be developed in various parts of Australia by establishing the Consultancy business based in Coffs Harbour. Since 2002, the company has been involved with over 5000 farmers in both Australia, New Zealand and internationally, speciallising in the development of Farm Plans based on production of quality information on the key factors influencing farm profitability and sustainability. As part of this, the company has developed a large resource of quality information on various aspects of farming which it included in the Farm Plans being produced.

Shining a light onto quality farming information.

Many of the company’s clients expressed frustration with the difficulties of researching information on the internet because of slow internet speeds, the exploding multitude of websites and information available and the lack of any quality parameters relating to this information  that could give farmers some reassurance as to information quality.

Topoclimate Australia decided to develop this website in September 2010 to tackle a perceived need by the wider farming community for a single, easily searchable resource with high information quality standards.

Much of the information on this site is also available from other websites but generally it is difficult to locate and found in a number of non-user-friendly places and formats. Where we have sourced the information from other sites, we have acknowledged and provided links back to the original source and we have focussed only on material that is already freely available in the public domain. We have undertaken some minor editing of material where necessary in some cases to improve readability and improve relevance for farmers  and have generally focussed on the best information available worldwide on any farming subject. We thank the various organisations and authors for their willingness to share their information freely with farmers from throughout the world and hope that our site will contribute to the ease of this process.

Your Feedback on our site is appreciated and you will note that we have allowed for comments on each specific  post. Please bookmark our site and come back and visit us regularly. We have now engaged a staff of eight people researching and entering material onto the site so the site content  is growing exponentially by the day.  Please bear with us and check back regularly if we haven’t got to a specific subject of interest to you as yet.

If you have material on any aspect of farming that is well-written, well illustrated and deserves to be exposed to a potential audience of over a billion farmers, please contact the editor at editor@informedfarmers.com.

Thanks to the team at Dynamic Web Solutions for their web development support and to Steve Keenes and the rest of the  crew at Key Employment for personnel support.

Some of the hardworking Informed Farmers Editorial staff (from left) Gary Hutchinson (Editor), Di Parry, Bernadette Keane, Jennie Hadfield, Dave Turner, and Deb Couch.