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The Locust Pest

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Control Of Bird Predation At Aquaculture Facilities

Augmenting Frightening Programs For Bird Predation At Aquaculture Facilities

The Cane Toad A Pest Throughout The World

Ecology, Behaviour And Life History Of The Cane Toad

Countries Where The Cane Toad Can Be Found

Parasites That Effect Honey Bees

Pests That Effect Honey Bees

Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bat

Richardson’s Ground Squirrel

 The Common Snail Helix Aspersa

Ecology And Life Cycle Of The Common Snail

Moles Are Considered To Be Agricultural Pests

Pocket Gopher

Theba Pisana White Garden Snail

Ecology Of The White Garden Snail

Africanised Bee

Morphology And Genetics Of The Africanised Honey Bees

Black Fly

Public Health Concerns From The Black Fly


Blow-Flies That Cause Flystrike

The Spread Of Disease By Blow-Flies


 Trapping Is An Effective Control Method For Mice

Trapping Rats

Suggestions For Controlling Mosquitoes


Corn Earworm

Scouting Procedures For Corn Earworms 

Japanese Beetle

Relationship Of Stink Bug Damage To Cotton Fiber Quality

Treatment Threshold Evaluations For Stink Bugs

Distribution Of Stink Bugs Across The Farmscape

Common Stalk Borer In Corn

Stalk Borer Development

 Insects And Beetles That Feed On Grain

Grain Protectants Against Insects

Spur Throated Locust

Biology And Behaviour Of The Australian Plague Locust

Adults And Nymph Australian Plague Locust

Aphids In Virginia Small Grains

Predicting Aphid Outbreaks

Aphid Identification

Baldfaced Hornet

Catalpa Sphinx Caterpillar

Diamondback Moth

Sheep Lice

 Sheep Lice Eradication


Biology And Habits Of Bats

Feral Camels

Feral Goats

The Rabbit And Its Control

Poison Baiting For Rabbits

Biological Controls For Rabbits

Feral Cats In Victoria

Fox Problems In Australia

Wild Dog Pests

Feral Pigs In Victoria

Environmental And Economic Damage Caused By Feral Pigs

Cotton Whitefly

General Impacts That Cotton Whitefly Have On Agriculture

Small Indian Mongoose

Geographical Range Of The Small Indian Mongoose

Myocastor Coypus

Long-Tailed Macaque

Asiatic Garden Beetle In Field Corn

Asparagus Beetles

Bean Leaf Beetle

Blister Beetles

Cabbage And Seedcorn Maggot

Cabbage Looper

Colorado Potato Beetle

Confused Flour Beetle

Cucumber Beetles


European Hornet


Mexican Bean Beetle

Squash Bug

Twig Girdler

Winter Grain Mite

 Criteria For A Spotlight Transect For Rabbits

 Why Do Rabbits Prosper In Australia?

Factors That Affect Rabbit Numbers

Rabbit Reproduction

 Background Biology Of Wild Dogs

Will Wild Dogs Routinely Travel Large Distances To Sheep Paddocks?

Impacts Of Rabbits In New Zealand