If you want to raise healthy, happy cattle, you must start from and get it right from the very beginning.

Choosing a top calf milk replacer after the first two or three days of feeding on colostrum to support the growth, development and overall well-being of your calves is therefore key.

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4 Best Calf Milk Replacers

Best Overall: Suckle Pro Calf Milk Replacer

Best Overall Suckle Pro Calf Milk Replacer is excellent value, easy to mix, and effectively supports the growth, development and well-being of your calves.

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Suckle Pro Calf Milk Replacer is our top pick because it offers excellent value for money (less than $3 per pound) while providing all the right ingredients to support the growth, development and overall well-being of your calves.

The formula is easy to mix and features a blend of both yeast cell and probiotic bacteria that help control harmful bacteria and support the population of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Most Nutritional Value: Milk Products Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer

Most Nutritional Value This milk replacer is the one to get if you're looking for as much crude protein and fat as possible along with a higher percentage of important minerals and vitamins.

The Milk Products Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer is a great choice for your calves if you want a product that packs a lot of punch.

It contains a minimum of 24% crude protein and fat, which is more than most other milk replacers available. The formula also has a higher percentage of some important minerals and vitamins for calves, including phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and selenium too.

Also Great: Manna Pro Calf Care Supportive Nutrition for Calves

Also Great 12% crude protein, 6% crude fat, and 5% crude fiber ensures that your calves get just what they need to support ongoing gut health and growth.

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If you need a milk replacer during times of digestive stress or to support ongoing gut health, the Manna Pro Calf Care is an excellent choice.

Manna Pro Calf Care is formulated with probiotics and contains a minimum of 12% crude protein, 6% crude fat, a maximum of 5% crude fiber, along with all the other vitamins and minerals calves need to achieve a healthy gut from the very start.

Best Colostrum Replacer: Premolac Plus Bovine IgG Colostrum Replacement

Best Colostrum Replacer Rigorously tested and officially backed by a USDA license, Premolac Plus is hands down the highest quality and most effective colostrum replacer you can buy.

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Made with 100% Bovine colostrum from select US Grade A Dairy Herds, the Premolac Plus Colostrum Replacement provides the highest concentration of IgG per gram compared to any other colostrum replacer powder.

Rigorously tested and officially backed by a USDA license, you can be sure that the Premolac Plus Milk Replacer is safe, highly effective, consistent from batch to batch, and just as importantly, very quickly absorbed.

Besides the Premolac Plus’ unmatched quality, it mixes more easily than any other colostrum replacer.

What to Consider When Buying Calf Milk Replacer

  • Protein and Fat Content

Crude protein and crude fat are the primary ingredients in milk replacer because they are so important for lean tissue and structural growth, and to provide energy to fill in a calf’s skeletal frame.

Protein levels range from 18% to 30% and fat levels from 10% to 28%. You might want to choose a milk replacer with higher levels of protein and fat under certain conditions, such as cold weather.

  • Crude Fiber Content

You may have heard that the amount of crude fiber in milk replacers indicates a measure of product quality. However, this is no longer valid criteria to use when evaluating milk replacers.

  • Vitamin & Mineral Content

At a minimum, vitamins A, D and E are necessary for the normal growth and health of calves. You will almost always see calcium and phosphorus too.

  • Ease of Mixing

Ideally, a milk replacer should be easy to mix with the product going into the solution or suspension easily without any clumps of undissolved powder on the surface or at the bottom of the pail. This should then be placed in a calf bottle that is as easy to use as possible.

  • Smell & Appearance

Before using a calf milk replacer, you should make sure that it has a bland to pleasant odor and is cream to light tan in color. Of course, it should be free of lumps and especially foreign material too.

If you notice that the powder is orange to orange-brown in color and has a burned or caramelized smell, do not use it. This indicates that the product has lost some of its palatability and nutrient quality.