A well-constructed, dependable calf puller is something that anyone who is involved in the calving process should have around.

Even if you have no plans on using a calf puller, things don’t always go to plan during the birthing process, which is why having a calf puller at hand when unforeseen obstacles arise is a must.

4 Best Calf Pullers

Best Overall: Ideal Instruments Ratchet-Style Calf Puller

Best Overall The Ideal Instruments Ratchet-Style Calf Puller can't be beaten at its price point.

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There is no better calf puller to have by your side, especially at this price point, than the Ideal Instruments Ratchet-Style Calf Puller.

Forged from very high-quality steel, the puller is definitely built to last and is up to to the task of making the most difficult deliveries as straightforward as possible, in part due to the jack that conveniently offers both a zig-zag and single-pull motion.

A standard 66″ rod is included but there is also an additional attachment to extend the rod to a full 78″. The steel rods are quick and easy to disassemble for cleaning and storage purposes, and screw into the breechen to provide unmatched stability during the birthing process.

Runner-up: Tufail 65″ Calf Puller

Runner-up The Tufail Calf Puller is a great alternative if you want to spend a bit less.

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The Tufail Calf Puller is a good, albeit lesser-known alternative to the Instruments Ratchet-Style Calf Puller if you’re looking to spend less.

Also made from high-quality stainless steel, the puller includes a steel rod that is ever so slightly smaller at 65″ but still gets the job done as quickly as simply as possible by providing just the right amount of tension at the proper angle to assist in delivery.

Premium Pick: Calf Eze Calf Puller

Premium Pick The Calf Eze Calf Puller makes delivery more efficient and safer than any other calf puller.

New: $321.41 ($321.41 / Count)
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If you’re looking for the best calf puller that money can buy, look no further than the Calf Eze Calf Puller that is uniquely designed to walk the calf out, which is easier on both the calf and cow.

It separates itself from other calf pullers due to its dual action pull than is more effective and efficient than single pull instruments, though a single pull motion can also be used if you prefer.

The instrument’s jack release mechanism allows you to easily position the jack on the 72″ rods and securely lock them in place, while the steel cams prevent slipping and help extend the life of the jack.

Weighing just 17 lbs, the Calf Eze Calf Puller is surprisingly lightweight yet very ruggedly constructed, which only adds to its ease of use.

Best Chain: OdontoMed2011 60″ OB Calf Pulling Chain

Best Chain If you just need a chain, this is a dependable pick at a great price.

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If you just need a calf pulling chain to aid in the birthing process, the OdontoMed2011 60″ OB Calf Pulling Chain is a good choice.

There isn’t really much to say apart from that the chain measures 60″, comes with one handle, and is built to last and handle large loads due to its stainless steel construction.

What to Consider When Buying a Calf Puller

  • Type of Pull

Most people prefer a calf puller that utilizes a zig-zag pull instead of a single-pull motion because these work better to avoid the locking of a calf’s shoulders in a heifer’s pelvic opening.

They are therefore safer while also being able to minimize or prevent injuries to the calf’s joints and bones during the pulling.

  • Rod/Chain Length

You should only consider chains or calf pullers with rods that are at least 60″ long. As you will not know the size of the calf in advance, it’s always wise to go bigger and have that extra length just in case you need it.