To ensure that you maximize growth and reproduction, increase production, and ultimately raise and maintain a healthy herd, every farmer needs to feed their pigs correctly.

Whether you use your own pig food mixture or buy a premixed feed, you need to buy the best pig feeder taking into account its built quality, capacity, and other design features.

4 Best Pig Feeders

Best Overall: Brower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder

Best Overall The Brower 11H is our top pick due to its quality, capacity, and value for money.

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The Brower 11H is our best pig feeder for its quality, capacity, and friendly price point. With an approximate feed capacity of 1-1/2 bushels, up to 4 hogs can feed, making this feeder perfect for small farms.

The feeder’s 20 gauge galvanized steel tough exterior means that it is built to last, even when dealing with the hungriest of hogs.

The adjustable feed gate with fast feed flow, in addition to the 1-inch (2-1/24 cm) wide feed saver lip, mean that hogs will easily be able to get their feed without running into any difficulty.

The heavy weathertight trough lids keep out moisture and pests while the top covers raise for easy filling.

Best for Baby Pigs (Piglets): Little Giant Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder

Best for Baby Pigs If you need to start baby pigs on feed, this pig feeder from Little Giant is the right choice.

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A feeder for baby pigs should be designed a little differently – primarily with an open trough to easily start baby pigs on feed.

With its open trough for easy access and easy removal and replacement of soiled or stale feed, there is no better feeder for piglets than the Little Giant Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder.

Designed to be freestanding or wall mounted, with easy loading from the top, and with two feeding holes, the feeder has a 7-pound capacity.

Manufactured from 24-gauge, rust-resistant galvanized steel, there is no doubt that the Little Giant Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder is built to last.

With Largest Capacity: Brower SF74 Hog Feeder

With Largest Capacity The Brower SF74 makes it as easy as possible to feed a larger herd.

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If you have a lot of hungry hogs to feed, look no further than the Brower SF74 Hog Feeder. It has a feed capacity of 7 bushels, which can feed up to 20 hogs.

Very sturdily built and with iron reinforced steel to handle the harshest of weather conditions and largest, most aggressive hogs, the Brower SF74 features 16-gauge doors that close automatically and are designed wide enough to allow even the large hogs to eat comfortably.

4 openings with each side having a feed slide that is adjustable from the outside, and Swing Type hinges that allow the cover to drop down flush with side of feeder mean that both you and your pigs will make the feeding process as simple as possible.

Best for Guinea Pigs: Mkono Hay Feeder

Best for Guinea Pigs The Mknono Hay Feeder has all the right design essentials for feeding guinea pigs.

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The Mkono Hay Feeder is an excellent feeder for your guinea pigs. Its metal grate is designed to hold hay in place in a very organized way that your guinea pigs will easily be able to get to. Best of all, the design of the Mknono Hay Feeder means that there is very, very little waste.

The feeder connects directly to any wire cage, is steel-edged to prevent unwanted chewing, and ensures feeding your guinea pigs is as convenient and quick as possible.

What to Consider When Buying a Pig Feeder

  • Capacity

Arguably the most important thing to consider when buying a pig feeder is its capacity. It can be quite frustrating to buy a feeder that is too small and then having your pigs fight over the feed and you having to top it up more often too. So it’s usually better to buy larger than smaller.

It can also be a good idea to plan for the future, too, as most farmers will increase rather than decrease their herd over time.

  • Feed Gate & Lip

Buying a pig feeder with an adjustable feed gate is often preferred because it gives you control over how much feed you want to release at a time.

A lip or some kind of cover is another welcome feature to look for to keep moisture and pests out.

  • Construction Quality

Pigs can be more aggressive than other farm animals when it comes to food. While this means that you should buy a pig feeder with a large capacity so all your herd can get their fair share of feed, it also means that you will want to buy a pig feeder that is built to last. The best pig feeders are made from galvanized steel.