If we take the average weight of a pig as 250 pounds, you can get 23 pounds of bacon, which can be processed into fresh side, salt pork, and smoked bacon among others.

Why You Get 23 Pounds of Bacon From a Pig

We didn’t just come up with 23 pounds of bacon out of thin air. We calculated it as follows:

  • A 250-pound pig provides approximately 144 pounds of retail cuts. This is 57% of the original pig’s weight.
  • During slaughter and dressing, around 28% of a pig’s weight is removed due to being inedible. These are things like a pig’s internal organs, hair and blood.
  • The pig is then put in a cooler so it can be chilled and then divided into retail cuts. Through bone dust, boning, fat trimming, grinding and moisture loss, a further 20% of the weight is lost.
  • Typically, of the 144 lbs that make up the final weight of the pig, 23 pounds are processed into bacon.

To compare to other ways a pig is processed, you can expect to get 28 lbs. of fresh hams, 23 lbs. of pork loin, 23 lbs. of back fat, 12 lbs. of fresh picnic, 9 lbs of Boston butt, 9 lbs. of sausage, 6 lbs. of spareibs, 5 lbs. of head, 5 lbs. of feet, and 3 lbs. of jowl

How Many Packs of Bacon Can You Get From One Pig?

Considering that you can get 23 lbs. of bacon from one pig, if we consider a single pack of bacon weighs 1 pound, you can get 23 packs of bacon from one pig or 368 slices.