The amount of meat you can get from a 250-pound pig is approximately 144 pounds of retail cuts. As this is just 57% of the original pig’s weight, you might be wondering what happens to the other 43%.

Well, during slaughter and dressing, around 28% of a pig’s weight is removed because it is considered inedible. This includes the internal organs, hair and blood. This leaves 180 lbs.

Once the 250-pound pig carcass is sanitarily dressed, it is placed into a cooler where it is hung on a rail so it can be chilled. Once the carcass is chilled, it is then cut into retail cuts. Through bone dust, boning, fat trimming, grinding and moisture loss, this eliminates a further 20% of weight, which brings the final weight of the pig down to 144 lbs.

How a 250 Pound Pig is Divided Up

A 250-pound pig is typically divided up into eleven categories of retail cuts. While a 250-pound will give you 23 lbs of bacon, this isn’t actually what most of a pig’s carcass is turned into.

In order of weight, a 250-pound pig is typically divided up as follows:

Fresh Hams (28 lbs)

  • Fresh Ham
  • Cured & Smoked Ham
  • Ham Steaks
  • Ham Hocks

Pork Loin (23 lbs)

  • Country-Style Ribs
  • Pork Chops
  • Center Cut Pork Loin Chops
  • Center Cut Pork Rib Chops
  • Boneless Pork Loin Roast
  • Pork Tenderloins
  • Boneless Butterfly Pork Chops
  • “Baby” Back Ribs

Fresh Side Bacon (23 lbs)

  • Fresh Side
  • Salt Pork
  • Smoked Bacon

Back Fat (23 lbs)

  • Lard

Fresh Picnic (12 lbs)

  • Fresh Picnic
  • Pork Shoulder
  • Smoked Picnic
  • Smoked Hocks

Boston Butt (9 lbs)

  • Pork Steak
  • Boston Butt Roast
  • Smoked Shoulder Bacon

Miscellaneous Trim (9 lbs)

  • Breakfast Sausage

Spareribs (6 lbs)

  • Spareribs

Head (5 lbs)

  • Head

Feet (5 lbs)

  • Pigs Feet

Jowl (3 lbs)

  • Smoked Jowl
  • Breakfast Sausage

How Much is a 250 lb Pig Worth?

The typical cost of a whole hog is $6.00 per pound and $6.50 per pound for a half hog. As we know that a 250 pound pig gives approximately 144 pounds of retail cuts, a 250-pound pig is worth $864.