It’s a fact of life that a tractor seat will either outlast your tractor or need replacing – and while it can be frustrating shopping for a new tractor seat, you can bet that it’s the preferred option.

Most people find picking out and buying a tractor seat so frustrating because there is no guarantee that the seat you buy will fit your tractor.

So in this article, we have done our best to list the best tractor seats that are compatible with a wide range of brands and models while also selecting the best seat for personal preferences, including the most waterproof and most adjustable seats.

4 Best Tractor Seats

Best Overall: Sunbelt Tractor Seat

Best Overall The Sunblet Tractor Seat scores highly when it comes to comfort, durability, compatibility, and ease of installation.

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Due to its comfortable, durable design, multiple mounting patterns for easy installation, and compatibility with many models of tractor, the Sunbelt Tractor Seat is our top pick.

Constructed of a heavy-duty, durable foam and vinyl covering, the seat will outlast your tractor. We also like how it’s the little things that make a noticeable difference, too, such as the seat’s drain hole.

The Sunbelt Tractor Seat is available in two colors: black and yellow.

Most Waterproof: AI Products Deluxe Mower Tractor Seat

Most Waterproof If you want you and your tractor seat to stay as dry as possible, this Deluxe Mower Tractor Seat is our pick.

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If you want to keep your tractor seat and you as dry as possible, the AI Products Deluxe Mower Tractor Seat is your best option.

The deluxe, high back polyurethane seat alone is waterproof, but add in the drain hole too, and you have a tractor seat that offers the ultimate protection against the rain.

The seat’s steel frame construction ensures that it is built to last, and multiple mounting patterns means that the seat is designed to be compatible with as many models as possible.

Most Adjustable: Eparts Wrap Around Universal Tractor Seat

Most Adjustable With the Eparts Wrap Around Universal Tractor Seat, you can adjust everything from the angle to slide track and more.

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A tractor seat that allows for a wide range of adjustment can really make a big difference when it comes to comfort – and there is no better seat in this sense than the Eparts Wrap Around Universal Tractor Seat.

The seat offers multiple adjustment angles in addition to an adjustable slide track, adjustable weight suspension, and wrap around seat back for ultimate comfort.

Budget Pick: Black Talon Highback Tractor Seat

Budget Pick When you consider its properties, the Black Talon Highback Tractor Seat is great value for money.

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Anyone on a budget will appreciate the Black Talon Highback Tractor Seat that fortunately also features a universal bolt pattern to fit as many tractors as possible.

At this price, the seat’s steel frame durable construction and waterproof polyurethane covering is unmatched.

What to Consider When Buying a Tractor Seat

  • Construction Quality

You’re probably looking at this article because the seat on your tractor has worn out. So you undoubtedly want to make sure that any tractor seat you buy will last the lifetime of your tractor, whether that be into the hundreds or even thousands of hours, just like your tractor tires.

How long a tractor seat will last is down to its construction quality. And while tractor seats can be made of a variety of materials, a steel frame construction is often preferable.

  • Waterproof

If you live in a region with a lot of rainfall, it’s likely that you will appreciate a tractor seat that not only has a waterproof covering, but also a sink drain hole. These two things can really make a big difference in keeping you and your tractor as dry as possible.

  • Compatibility

Most tractor seats are designed to fit many models of tractor, including John Deere, Kubota, Allis-Chalmers, Bobcat, Massey and many more.

So while it’s likely that any seat you purchase will fit your tractor, just keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily always mean that it will fit your specific tractor.

  • Size & Cushioning

Generally, the more padded the seat, the more comfortable it will be, especially when driving over uneven terrain. Additionally, pay attention to how wide a seat is and make sure that it will accommodate your backside.

  • Adjustability

Buying a tractor seat that fits your tractor is one thing, but buying one that allows for a wide range of adjustment for that tailored comfort is another. While not always necessary, it can be nice to have the option to adjust the seat angle and slide track.