Tractors and other farm equipment have many metal parts, bearings and oscillation points, and operate at a wide range of temperatures in less than ideal conditions. All this means that you need a reliable grease by your side to help prevent wear, corrosion, and failure.

Here are the 3 best farm equipment and tractor greases we recommend to ensure that your tractor is kept in top shape and won’t come to a premature end.

3 Best Greases for Farm Equipment & Tractors

Best Overall: Lucas Oil Red N Tacky Grease

Best Overall The Lucas Oil Red N Tacky Grease has been the most popular grease with farmers for years.

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The Lucas Oil Red N Tacky Grease has everything that a good grease for tractors and farm equipment should have. It is fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors, has a high water resistance and washout properties, and is able to withstand heavy loads for extended periods of time.

Easy to apply and with a long shelf storage life to reduce waste, the Lucas Oil Red N Tacky Grease is the best grease for farm equipment on the market.

Runner-up: Lucas X-Tra Lithium Grease

Runner-up X-Tra Lithium Grease is about the most waterproof and suitable for high-speed bearings grease available on the market.

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The Lucas X-Tra Lithium Grease is another excellent grease. The difference between this grease and other greases, including Red N Tacky from the same brand, is that Lucas X-Tra is even more waterproof, and lasts four times longer than regular grease.

Additionally, the grease is virtually waterproof, stable at all temperatures, and is considered the ultimate grease for high-speed bearings.

Also Great: Red Line 80402 Synthetic Grease

Also Great The Red Line 80402 Synthetic Grease is the one to get if your farm equipment runs very hot.

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Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, and with impressive oxidation and corrosion resistance, the Red Line 80402 Synthetic Grease is another option to consider for your tractors.

Suitable for temperatures ranging between -100°F to 500°F, this is a good grease to consider if your tractor or any other farm equipment you own runs hot. The grease is said to increase bearing life by 200% to 800%.

What to Consider When Buying Farm Equipment & Tractor Grease

  • Single Pack vs. Multi Pack

We recommend buying grease in multipacks for two reasons. The first is that, like anything, you will save more money when buying in bulk. But it’s also a good idea to buy in bulk because it’s always good to have some tractor grease at hand at all times.

We don’t need to tell you that when on the farm, it always seems to be those things that you need most which you have run out of. A bottle of grease can finish faster than you think, too.

  • Waterproof, Rust and Oxidation Resistant

It goes without saying that any grease for your farm equipment that you buy should be waterproof and resistant to rust and oxidation. We’ve made sure to include only the best greases that have these properties.

  • Ease of Application

Some greases come in bottles that are easier to apply than others. While not always necessary, it can be a good idea to buy a grease gun and coupler to make application as quick and easy as possible.