Useful for farmers, landscapers, logging, construction, recycling operations, and generally just for cleaning up your property, a tractor grapple is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal.

Not all tractor grapples are made equal, though. The best tractor grapples are built like a tank with strong steel tines and with plenty of reinforcement, which is why we only recommend one brand: Titan Attachments. There’s no doubt that tractor grapples from Titan Attachments are built to last.

3 Best Tractor Grapples

Best Overall: Titan Attachments 72″ Root Grapple Rake

Best Overall If you need to lift the heaviest of uneven loads, there is nothing better than this 72" Root Grapple Rake from Titan Attachments.

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Designed to attach to any skid steer, and with its extra-wide opening to easily grasp rocks, logs, brush, debris, and other heavy material, the Titan Attachments 72″ Root Grapple Rake is our most recommended tractor grapple.

What makes this grapple rake from Titan Attachments so effective is its twin 3000 PSI cylinder that ensures that it can lift the very heaviest of uneven loads.

Best Subcompact/Budget: Titan Attachments 42″ Grapple Bucket

Best Subcompact/Budget This price-friendly, subcompact tractor grapple is a great option for small farms where larger loads don't need to lifted.

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If you are on a tight budget or need to buy a subcompact tractor grapple, the 42″ Titan Attachments Grapple Bucket is your best bet. Despite its smaller size and grapple jaw opening of 24″, it can comfortably pick up all types of debris including rocks, brush, and even logs, though arguably not as well as other grapples.

With its mini universal mounting system, this small tractor grapple will fit mini skid steer loaders including the Toro Dingo, Ditch Witch, Multi One, Ram Rod, Vermeer, Finn Eagle, Boxer, Thomas, and others with Toro style mounting.

Best for Logs: Titan Attachments 29” Log Grapple

Best for Logs This tractor grapple is best suited for logs of all sizes yet will also do the job when it comes to most other land-clearing operations.

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If you only need a tractor grapple for logs, then it’s best to get a dedicated log grapple attachment. This 29″ model from Titan Attachments is the best there is.

With the grapple’s 42” opening and 3000 PSI cylinder, large logs are lifted with ease, but so are smaller logs thanks to the grapple’s ability to close to an impressive 6” gap.

So whether it’s large rocks, thick brush, or you just need to clear out some debris, land-clearing becomes a breeze.

What to Consider When Buying a Tractor Grapple

  • Root vs. Root Rake vs. Bucket

Root grapples are the most widely known and most popular type of tractor grapple. They are primarily used with land clearing and tree work, such as to move damaged branches that have already fallen off are about to fall from trees. They feature an open design that is useful when shaking dirt out of root balls and brush piles. They can usually be distinguished from other type of tractor grapples by their two lids, which can be used independent of one another.

Root rake grapples are the better suited for ground use and are ideal if you need to break roots into smaller pieces, collect rocks and debris to allow soil to sift through or otherwise clean the ground for any other purpose.

Grapple buckets, which are also known as scrap grapples, are your best bet if you need to clean up trash and other debris to a clean finish without damage to the sod when raking up debris. This is because all material is kept in the bucket

  • Single vs. Dual-Arm

Tractor grapples with dual-arms are often preferred, as they are more effective at collecting, handling, and clearing large, uneven loads. While, single-arm grapples will be unable to handle irregular loads, such as branches or trunks, as well, they will do just fine for most jobs and have the advantage of being cheaper too.

  • Grapple Shape

If you intend on clearing debris such as brush and picking up loose rocks etc., a grapple with a clam-shape is the better choice. If you intend on clearing roots instead, then a flat-bottomed grapple will serve you better due to its versatility.

  • Tine Spacing

Tine spacing ties in with the type of grapple. But just to be clear, if you intend to clean up large objects like large logs then you will need a tractor grapple that has tines that are well-spaced out. The opposite is true if you intend to work with small objects and debris.

  • Weight

Heavy-duty tractor grapples are often preferred due to their durability and dependability, but when shopping for a tractor grapple, you should also keep in mind the weight of your tractor and its load capacity.