Many people think that the only time a pig wags its tail is when it is happy. But, according to research, there are several other reasons why a pig might wag its tail too, including when under stressful or painful situations. Pigs, therefore, wag their tails when in both positive and negative emotional states.

5 Reasons Why Pigs Wag Their Tails

  • When Happy: A pig most commonly wags its tail when it is happy and content. This is often seen when a pig is eating or being petted
  • When Hungry: Pigs don’t just wag their tails when are happily eating, but also when they are hungry and in anticipation that they will eat
  • After Surgical Procedures: One study showed that pigs wag their tail shortly after surgical procedures, which are painful and very stressful
  • Damage to the Tail: When pigs have a damaged tail, they often display more tail wagging, which is very likely down to skin irritation and is done to get some relief
  • Fly Irritation: It has been observed that when a high number of flies are near pigs, an increase in tail wigging has been found due to the irritation flies can cause

How to Get a Pig to Wag Its Tail More

Considering that a pig most commonly wags its tail when it is happy, if you want to get a pig to wag its tail more, then do more things that will make it happy.

Whether you’re dealing with potbelly pigs, mini pigs, or any other type of pig, the best way to make a pig happy and get its tail wagging is by giving it tasty treats. Pigs also enjoy belly rubs, mud baths, sunbathing, and playing with toys.

Generally, as pigs have a reputation for being intelligent, finding new and imaginative ways to keep them busy and satisfy their curiosity is your best bet.