Whether you are just starting out or want to take your roping game to the next level, there are a few things all of the best roping dummies have in common, including build quality, stability, and realism. Skill level and age range are other important aspects to consider too.

Here are 3 of the best for you to consider depending on your needs.

3 Best Roping Dummies

Best Overall: Something Dummy Roping Steer

Best Overall The Something Dummy Roping Steer is unmatched in its realism and angle of attack.

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The Something Dummy Roping Steer is the roping dummy that we recommend because it is an all-in-one system that delivers the most realistic body and angle of attack. It is also versatile, as it has been designed to be roped with no horns for super short horn, muley, or calf roping practice

It is smartly designed to be taller in the front than other dummies so you don’t have to prop it up and so the tip of your rope doesn’t hit the ground either. We also love how the dummy was engineered with a locking slotted design to ensure that the horns won’t fall or rotate.

Weighing 35 lbs, the Something Dummy Roping Steer has a flanged base that ensures that the unit stays very stable and won’t move an inch when in use.

Runner-Up: Southwestern Roping Heading and Heeling Stand

Runner-Up If you're okay with buying a roping head seperately, the Southwestern Head and Stand is a great choice.

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If you just need a stand and don’t mind buying a head separately, the Southwestern Equine Roping Heading and Heeling Stand, which features hind legs that are hinged to the body for a more realistic feel, is a great choice.

The stand is universally supported – i.e. it will fit most brand heads (we recommend the AJ Tack Steer Head Roping Dummy) – and can handle the elements thanks to the steel tubing being powder coated for protection from the weather.

What we like best, though, is how the stand is fully collapsible, which means that it can be laid down completely flat for easy transportation.

Best for Young Kids: NRS Original Cowboy Toy Roping Dummy

Best for Young Kids Start your kids off right with the hugely enjoyable NRS Original Roping Dummy.

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There’s no doubt that the NRS Original Cowboy Toy Roping Dummy is on the small side, measuring just 6″ tall x 14″ long x 6″ wide, but it is perfect to start your kids off with, especially as it is so inexpensive.

The NRS Roping Dummy comes with 2 different sets of removable horns for the different horn types you want to rope, 2 miniature ropes to rope with, and a rubber band for the back legs.

What to Consider When Buying a Roping Dummy

  • Buying the Dummy Head Separately

There’s no doubt that an all-in-one system is more convenient, but you can often save money if you buy the stand and head separately. In fact, if you want to experiment with different heads, it can often be better to purchase just a stand (just make sure that the stand universally supports many different brands).

  • Skill Level

If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fully-fledged roping dummy. An inexpensive model will likely be good enough for you to improve your skills.

As you progress and take roping more seriously, though, you might want to consider buying a more premium model that offers more realism and convenience.

  • Transportation

If you are planning on regularly transporting a roping dummy from one location to another, it’s a good idea to not only consider its dimensions and weight but also whether it is collapsible or not – and by how much. It will definitely make your life much easier.

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