Considering that 2 quarts per feeding on a twice-a-day schedule is typical, and you might need to feed several calves per day too, selecting the right calf bottle isn’t something that should be overlooked.

The best calf bottles should be easy to hold; easy and quick to disassemble, reassemble, and clean; and easy for a calf to suck.

Here are three of the best depending on your needs.

Best Overall: Peach Teats PT Nurser Handheld Bottle

Best Overall The Peach Teats PT Nurser Bottle functions just like a real cow's teat, is comfortable to hold and use, and built to last.

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The best calf bottle is the 2-quart capacity Peach Teats PT Nurser. Not only is the bottle designed to function like a real cow’s teat, but it is very well-constructed for long-lasting use.

The bottle features a vented cap that pulls air through the vent at just the right amount as the calf sucks, thereby creating increased airflow. The flap valve holds milk in teat instead of going back into the container, making it much more responsive to a calf’s needs.

Additionally, the nipple is manufactured from natural rubber that calves will find comfortable, and calves won’t pull it off either.

Comfortable to hold thanks to its molded handle, the bottle is clearly built to last too, with its heavy-duty design that can handle a significant amount of daily wear and tear.

Runner-Up: E-Z Nurse Feeding Supplies 2-Quart Calf Nursing Bottle

Runner-Up The E-Z Nurse 2-Quart Calf Bottle is lightweight, easy to hold and handle, and won't collapse when in use.

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The E-Z Nurse Feeding Supplies Calf Nursing Bottle is another great choice due to its strong but lightweight design with useful notched pint markers.

The bottle has a 2-quart capacity and features a screw cap and heavy construction to help prevent collapsing while in use. Molded indentations also make the bottle easier to hold and handle.

There is no chance of a calf chewing through the nipple either, as it is made of all-natural rubber with a reinforced ring at the top.

Largest Capacity: E-Z Nurse Feeding Supplies 3-Quart Calf Nursing Bottle

Largest Capacity Everything to love about the E-Z Nurse standard-sized bottle remains but this time in a larger capacity.

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The E-Z Nurse Feeding Supplies 3 Quart Calf Nursing Bottle is built to the same high standards as the company’s standard-sized bottle but with a larger capacity.

This means that it is just as easy to hold and handle, won’t collapse when in use, calves won’t be able to chew through the nipple, and it is definitely built to last too.

What to Consider When Buying a Calf Bottle

  • Capacity

As mentioned, 2 quarts per feeding on a twice-a-day schedule is typical. But this doesn’t mean that you might need a larger capacity.

It can be useful to buy a larger-sized calf nursing bottle if you want to mix two quarts of water with milk replacer or colostrum replacer or otherwise want to accommodate higher volume feeding amounts.

  • Teat and Nipple Design

The best calf nursing bottles need to be designed just right to ensure that milk flows easily to avoid frustration on both you and the calf’s part.

Ideally, the design should be responsive to a calf’s need and the bottle needs to be prevented from collapsing.

  • Handle

A calf bottle with a handle is an often overlooked but valuable feature. Considering that you will likely be using the bottle a minimum of twice a day, it can make your job just that little bit easier.