Pigs can look up but are physically incapable of looking straight up to the sky. This is because a pig’s spine and neck muscles limit the movement of their head and make it impossible for them to look totally upwards.

So while a pig can only tilt its head 45 degrees, which makes it impossible to look straight up, a pig can still partially look up from a standing position and can even look straight up if it first lies down on its back.

Why Pigs Can’t Look Straight Up

Pigs are unable to look straight up due to evolution. Pigs evolved in a certain way to better help them find food and escape predators to help maximize their chances of survival.

As a pig’s food is found down low on the ground, a pig uses its snout to push or nudge into the ground to look for food. This behavior is known as rooting.

Wild Pigs vs. Domestic Pigs

Some pigs are able to move their heads more than others because it depends on the amount of fat that they have around their necks.

The more fat a pig has, which is the case for domestic pigs – i.e. pigs found on a farm that are fattened up for meat production – the less a pig is able to move its head. Wild pigs, therefore, have slightly more mobility and can better look up.

Why Do So Many People Think Pigs Can’t Look Up?

There is much debate and confusion over the internet about a pig’s ability to look up. Some sources are sure that pigs can look up while others say that they can’t. This confusion comes from people not differentiating between a pig’s ability to look up and a pig’s ability to look straight up.

As mentioned, pigs have fat necks that restrict their movement, which makes it impossible for them to completely tilt their head and look straight up at the sky and sun as we can do. Pigs are still able to look up, though.