There is no doubt that vaccination is a very important part of keeping your cattle herd healthy. There is also no doubt that a vaccination gun is definitely an invaluable tool to have on the farm, as it makes the process much easier and reduces any potential errors.

Whether you need to administer a vaccine, antibiotics, other medications, or injectable vitamins and minerals, let’s take a look at three great cattle vaccine/injection guns.

3 Best Cattle Vaccine Guns

Best Overall: Allflex 50cc Repeater Syringe Vaccine Gun

Best Overall The Allflex 50cc Vaccine Gun is very well built, comfortable for extended use, and designed to be as simple to use as possible.

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The Allflex 50cc Vaccine Gun is the best cattle injection gun for its build quality, simplicity, and ease of use.

Made of chrome metal, the vaccine gun is very durable and features a special locking mechanism to prevent air or contaminants from entering the syringe.

It is very comfortable to use, even for high volume use, due to the smooth, natural motion that is required to deliver medication when pressure is applied to the back of the grip. You can accurately and reliably deliver a pre-selected dose ranging from 1ml to 5ml every single time.

Additionally, the inclusion of color-coded knobs to help avoid mistakes when using more than one syringe at a time and to let you assign specific syringes to a specific vaccine or antibiotic is an invaluable feature.

The Allflex 50cc is undoubtedly the best repeater syringe for cattle.

Also Great: Newtry 50ml Continuous Livestock Syringe Injector

Also Great The Newtry Vaccine Gun doesn't only look the part, but is consistently comfortable and easy to use too.

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Very much shaped like a gun and with a comfortable grip handle, the Newtry 50ml Syringe Injector definitely looks the part.

It isn’t just the vaccine gun’s cool design that it has going for it, though. The gun features a stainless steel rod that can pump up to 50ml of medication at a time. You can also adjust the dose easily thanks to the easy-to-use, five gear adjustable dose adjustment button.

A needle protector, which is tightly connected and ensures that the needle does not come off is a welcome feature. As is the 10 needles that are included.

Budget Pick: Neogen 50CC Pro Shot Syringe

Budget Pick Cheaper than other options, the Neogen 50CC Pro Shot will get the job done at a low price .

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Designed to be both durable and lightweight, the Neogen 50CC Pro Shot Syringe is built from high-impact aluminum and is very simple to use.

Adjusting the dosage is a breeze thanks to the way the dosage sleeve can quickly and easily be adjusted from 1 to 5 cc. The fact that the transparent barrel is made of non-porous polypropylene ensures that it won’t discolor. Non-adjustable nylon plungers assembly and a luer lock hub are other welcome features.

What to Consider When Buying a Cattle Vaccine Gun

  • Build Quality

If you plan on high volume use, it’s important that any cattle injection gun will hold up over time. Our preference is therefore for guns that use metal in their construction.

It’s also important that the smooth motion every time a shot is administered holds up over extended use.

  • Changing Dosage

It’s unlikely that you will administer a 50ml shot every single time, so it’s important that it is as easy as possible to adjust the dose. You definitely don’t want your herd to be on the end of any dangerous misdosing.

  • Easy to Clean

A cattle vaccine gun should be easy to clean. All that is usually required is to fill the gun with boiling water and then the water should be squirted out three to four times. So look for an injection gun that encourages this way of cleaning.

There is no need to use disinfectants and soaps because residue can stay inside the gun and limit the effectiveness of the vaccine.