Selecting the right ear tag marker is just as important as selecting the best tags for your cattle. They both go hand in hand.

A good ear tag marker should first and foremost be fade resistant regardless of the conditions and severity of the elements the ink is exposed to. But an ear tag marker should also be easy to use, long-lasting, and not dry out over time either. There are only a couple that we recommend.

2 Best Ear Tag Markers

Z Tags Ear Marking Pen

Z Tags Ear Marker Just like the company's ear tags, the Z Tags Ear Marking Pen doesn't disappoint.

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Z Tags produce some of the best cattle ear tags, and the company’s Ear Marking Pen doesn’t disappoint either.

The pen uses special black ink that is able to deeply penetrate into the tag to ensure long-lasting readability that won’t fade from UV light and harsh weather conditions like many other marking pens will.

Allflex Ear Tag Marking Pen

Allflex Ear Marker The Allflex Ear Tag Marking Pen includes both broad and fine tips.

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The Allflex Ear Tag Marking Pen is a great choice if you want more versatility thanks to the inclusion of broad and fine tips

Allflex’s 2-in-1 marker is easy to use and hold due to its easy-to-use pump action. The ink is specially formulated to be as fade-resistant and long-lasting as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the same brand of ear tag and marker?

Manufacturers state that their marking pens are specially designed and formulated to be used with their ear tags.

While there is some truth to this considering that a company tests their markers on their own tags, there will be no problem using a marker on a different company’s ear tags either.

Is anything I should do before marking an ear tag?

It’s a good idea to wipe down the ear tags you intend to mark with alcohol. This will help prevent the ink from fading.

Is one coat of ink enough?

It’s best to mark the number at least 2-3 times while letting the ink dry between each marking. This will help ensure the ink will last longer than if just a single coat was applied.

Is black ink or white ink better?

Black ink is considered better because white ink does not soak in as well.

Can’t I just use a sharpie instead?

No, ear tag markers are specially formulated to be used on cattle tags.

The best markers for cattle tags feature unique ink formulas that are designed to penetrate a plastic ear tag as deeply as possible while ensuring that the ink won’t fade from UV light and harsh weather conditions. If you use a sharpie instead, the ink will fade very quickly.