Whether you’re looking to brush or use spray paint, here are three of the best options for painting your tractor.

Each offer a variety of colors, are easy to apply with great coverage, are long-lasting and offer great protection.

3 Best Tractor Paints

Top Pick: Rust-Oleum Specialty Brush On Paint

Top Pick Our best pick for painting tractors due to its extremely rust-resistant formula and high gloss finish.

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The Rust-Oleum Specialty Brush On Paint is the go-to for many farmers looking to paint farm equipment and implements, including tractors.

Available in six colors, its reputation as the best tractor paint is down to two things: its ability to stop rust longer than any other paint, and its high gloss finish that won’t fade, making machinery look as good as new again.

Its quick-drying formula (2-4 hours), highly preventive coating against the elements and chipping, and easy to brush on application doesn’t hurt either.

Some paints require the use of a hardener for best results, but this isn’t necessary for this Rust-Oleum paint either

Runner-Up: Valspar Tractor and Implement Paint

Runner-Up Thick, long-lasting, dries quickly and resists rust well.

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With over a dozen Original Equipment Manufacturer’s colors to choose from the Valspar Tractor and Implement Paint is long-lasting, dries quickly, and does an excellent job at resisting rust.

The paint is thick enough to provide enough coverage, goes on smoothly, will not run or sag, or fade easily.  One word of advice is to use the Valspar Enamel Hardener in combination with the paint for best results.

A great cheaper alternative to the more expensive Rust-Oleum Farm Equipment Paint.

Budget Pick: Majic Paints Tractor, Truck & Implement Paint

Budget Pick Slow-drying but an excellent, inexpensive option.

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Also designed to match Original Equipment Manufacturer’s colors, and with a wide selection of colors to choose from, the Majic Paints Tractor, Truck & Implement Paint is the least expensive option on this list but doesn’t disappoint.

Made with 100% U.S.-grown soybeans, the paint is formulated for excellent adhesion and resistance to weathering and corrosion.

The paint does dry more slowly than others, so make sure you can set aside a couple of days where you don’t need to use the tractor. You might want to buy a hardener too for best results.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while Majic state that the paint can be used for several purposes, people have found best results when painting tractors.

Best Tractor Spray Paint

No surprise that the best spray paint for tractors is made by the same manufacturers. You can expect a similar performance to the tinned paint but in spray paint form. Again Rust-Oleum comes out on top with its high gloss finish and long-lasting protection.

Valspar Tractor & Implement Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Specialty Farm Equipment Spray Paint

Majic Paints Tractor & Implement Spray Enamel Paint

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Tractor Paint

Tractor Size

How big is the tractor you’re planning to paint? This should be one of the first questions you ask yourself, so you don’t buy too much paint or run out halfway through painting.

While it’s hard to provide an exact figure, try to extrapolate. It takes about half a gallon to paint a Farmall B. A Farmall H usually takes at least a gallon.

Method of Application – Spraying vs. Brushing

Each has its pros and cons. Spraying can be messy, but it saves time and requires less paint. Brushing is less messy, allows you to be more precise but takes longer. It’s also better when you want more coverage.

You may also consider rattle cans, though these are only suitable for small parts and jobs. Nothing quite beats the convenience of them.

Current Condition of Tractor

If it’s more than just a paint job your tractor needs you may need to do a bit of prep work – unless you’re happy to paint over the rust that is, but the end result won’t be nearly as good.

If you’re dealing with plenty of rust, be sure to remove as much loose rust as possible or you’ll have to deal with blistering and peeling when painting. The best way to remove the larger flakes is to use a wire brush, and then steel wool for what remains. A bit of prep work can go a long way.

Paint Color

While color comes down to preference, there are a couple of things to be aware of.

Depending on the age of your tractor, it’s often hard to find a finish that will be exactly the same as the original under all types of lighting.

Take note that lighter colors are the better choice when you need to reduce heat. Darker colors are more prone to UV damage and can fade and show wear more quickly.

Your Goals

  • Will you be happy with a quick paint job that looks okay from a distance, or do you want your tractor to look as new even upon close inspection?
  • Are you planning on keeping the tractor a long time or not?
  • How often will you use the tractor?
  • Is the rust extensive or just mild?
  • What is the climate like?
  • What’s your budget?
  • These are all important questions to ask yourself before painting.