Alpaca fibers may be more delicate, softer, and finer compared to the heavier, warmer wool of llamas, but when it comes to hand and electric shearers and clippers, there is no difference between them.

All of the following clippers will work just as well on llamas, alpacas, and other animals whether you’re looking for a corded, cordless, or manual option.

4 Best Shears and Clippers for Llamas & Alpacas

Best Corded: Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Electric Clippers

Best Corded Just the right combination of effectiveness, efficiency, comfort, and price make the Pet & Livestock HQ Electric Clippers our top pick.

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The Pet & Livestock HQ Electric Clippers is our top pick due to striking just the right balance between effectiveness, efficiency, comfort, and price.

The clippers feature a 380W, high power, and high-speed motor that is able to cut through wool quickly and smoothly.

The inclusion of airflow vents to make sure the head and blades don’t overheat, in addition to the clipper’s low vibration and pressure body design are very welcome features that enhances comfort compared to other models.

Best Cordless: GDJOB Cordless Shears

Best Cordless At 2,500 cutting strokes per minute, the DJOB Cordless Shears are very powerful for a cordless model.

New: $189.99 ($189.99 / Count)
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It can be challenging to design a set of cordless llama and alpaca clippers that are powerful enough to quickly and smoothly cut through thick coats – not to mention designed with appropriately-sized blades too.

The GDJOB Cordless Sheep Shears, however, is the exception. They are able to deliver 2,500 cutting strokes per minute, which is comparable to corded models.

They are easy and comfortable to use too thanks to their lightweight, grippy design and inclusion of a bilateral air filter to keep everything cool. The blades, which are made of carbon steel, can be easily and precisely be adjusted via the adjustment knobs

Budget Pick: Dragro Clippers

Budget Pick The only thing that lets the Dragro Clippers down is that they get a bit warm. They are excellent in every other way.

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The Drago Clippers are an excellent choice if you’re on a budget. Due to their powerful 2,400 cutting speed per minute motor, cutting through thick wool is a breeze. You can also adjust the speed to 6 different settings, from low to high, to accommodate your needs.

The clippers can get a little warm in your hand compared to other models, especially during extended use, but it isn’t anything that a pair of gloves can’t fix.

There is no better choice if you’re operating on a budget under $100.

Best Hand Shears: Jakoti Hand Shears

Best Hand Shears If you would prefer to use hand shears, the Jakoti Hand Shears are the best you can buy.

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Spring-loaded hand shears are the best type of manual shears for alpacas and llamas due to the reduced effort required for trimming – and they don’t come better than the Jakoti Hand Shears.

The Jakoti Hand Shears are spoken very highly of by llama and alpaca breeders due to their ergonomically designed handles, low tension spring, sturdy construction, and long, extra-sharp blades. Comfort and performance are unmatched when it comes to hand shears.

What to Consider When Buying Shears and Clippers for Llamas and Alpacas

  • Corded vs. Cordless Vs. Manual

The very first thing you should consider and decide on is whether you should choose corded, cordless, or manual clippers and shears.

Cordless models inevitably give you the most flexibility because you don’t need to be near an electrical outlet to use them. They can be more expensive, though, and it can also be challenging to find cordless models that are as powerful as corded ones.

Hand shears are the most inexpensive of the three, but are time-consuming and can result in jagged cuts and an unclean appearance, especially if you don’t have much experience using them.

  • Power

Shearing llamas and alpacas doesn’t require as powerful a motor as other animals, as is the case with cattle clippers, but typically the greater the cutting speed the better, to allow for more efficient shearing.

  • Comfort

The size and weight of a set of shearers and clippers are important, especially if you plan on using them on more than one alpaca or llama at a time, but so is the overall feel of the device and whether any airflow or other heat dissipation features are present for cool, safe use.