All alpaca and llama owners need to stick to a consistent deworming schedule to keep their herd healthy and thriving. The question, though, is which dewormer is best? What active ingredient should be used? Is drug resistance a concern?

These are all very important questions that we have considered in recommending the best wormer for alpaca and llama owners.

3 Best Dewormers for Llamas & Alpacas

Best Overall: Merck Safe-Guard Dewormer Suspension

Best Overall A fenbendazole-based dewormer is the best type to use on alpacas and llamas - and they don't come better than Merck Safe-Guard.

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Merck Safe-Guard Dewormer Suspension contains and uses fenbendazole as its active ingredient, which makes it the best wormer for llamas and alpacas.

Fenbendazole is highly effective against some of the most common internal parasites that llamas and alpacas encounter, including Nematodirus, Trichuris, and Moneizia. It is also unique in the sense that it is a very safe drug, even for very young crias and newly pregnant females.

The Merck Safe-Guard Dewormer Suspension is the best fenbendazole-based dewormer on the market due to its effectiveness, how fast-acting it is, and its price.

Runner-Up: Norbrook Noromectin Ivermectin Pour-On

Runner-Up Norbrook Noromectin Ivermectin Pour-On should be your choice if your main concern is Meningeal worms and mange.

Ivermectin-based dewormers are a better alternative to fenbendazole-based products in one instance: for their better efficacy against Meningeal Worms. Ivermectin is also excellent for mange treatment too.

Norbrook Noromectin Ivermectin Pour-On is the one that we would choose due to its efficacy and value for money.

One thing to keep in mind is that pour-on drenches arguably do not penetrate as effectively as oral drenches, so results can be variable compared to oral or injectable solutions. They are certainly the easiest to administer, though.

Also Great: Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension

Also Great Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension is a great alternative when drug-resistance is a concern.

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Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension shouldn’t necessarily be your first choice, but drug resistance among parasites in llamas and alpacas can be a very real concern.

If you find that some of the more common drugs aren’t working, Pyrantel Pamoate has been used clinically and proved to be effective

What to Consider When Buying a Dewormer for Llamas & Alpacas

  • Safety & Resistance

If you want the best dewormer for llamas and alpacas, any fenbendazole oral suspension is our recommended choice due to its proven safety, even for very young crias and newly pregnant females. You can’t say that about any other drug.

Resistance of fenbendazole is also not as much of a concern compared to more common drugs like ivermectin either.

  • Oral vs. Pour-On vs. Injectable

Oral dewormers strike a good balance between efficacy and ease of use.

Pour-on wormers are arguably the easiest to administer but may not necessarily be as effective given the thick coats of llamas and alapcas.

Injectable dewormers are highly effective but they are the hardest to administer, especially if you do not have prior experience.

  • Type of Parasite

Some of the most common internal parasites include Trichuris, Moniezia, Trichostrongylus, and Nematodirus. Due to the broad spectrum efficacy of fenbendazole-based dewormers, they are our preferred choice.

On the other hand, if Meningeal Worms are your main concern, an ivermectin-based wormer is the better choice.

You should therefore consider the type of parasite you need to kill and take preventive health maintenance measures against it.