A good deer blind window should first and foremost be silent so as not to scare off deer. It should also allow for a tight seal to stop pests and the weather from getting in. The following options match that criteria with personal preference coming down to size and window material.

Note: If you are looking for the most portable option with a large capacity and full width panoramic shoot-through mesh windows, the Treeline 2-Person Deer Hunting Blind is your best bet.

Top Pick: Shadow Hunter Silent Window Kit System

Top Pick Silent, available in three options, and very simple to install.

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The Shadow Hunter Silent Window Kit is available as an Archery Window, Crossbow Window, or Gun Window.

Each kit features plexiglass windows that seal tightly while stopping bugs from getting in. One of the real strengths of these kits is just how easy they are to install with all hardware included. They’re the best choice if you aren’t particularly handy or want to save time.

All windows open very silently with the difference being the size of each. The Gun Window system includes two 25” x 8” windows, the Crossbow option includes one 34” x 10” window, and the Archery one contains two 8” x 24” windows that open horizontally instead.

Runner-Up: DeerView Horizontal Slider Blind Window

Runner-Up A great choice if you want a horizontally mounted twin window.

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Available in clear glass or grey glass, if you’re looking for a horizontally mounted twin window this is the one to get.

Made from weather-stripped aluminum and double-strength glass with marine glaze but also with a frame, you will get a tight seal while keeping pests out.

The design lets you open either end or lift both sashes out giving you access to the entire opening.

Also Great: DeerView Hinge Blind Window

Also Great Can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

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The DeerView Hinge Blind Window comes in 24” x 12” as standard and can be mounted in three different positions to suit your needs.

It can be vertically flipped up or down and then locked into position using a thumb latch, or horizontally from left to right.

Made from weather-stripped aluminum and double-strength glass with marine glaze, it will effectively keep the weather and unwanted pests out.

No need to worry about noise scaring off deer either, as the window is very quiet when opening and closing regardless of how it is mounted.

Note that there is also a Deluxe Version available too that comes with a frame to ensure a tighter seal.

Best Glass Window: Ultramatic Feeders Deer Blind Window

Best Glass Option The best option if you prefer a glass deer blind window made from glass.

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The Ultramatic Feeders Deer Blind Window is available in three sizes: 17” x 11.5”, 24” x 11.5”, and 30“ x 11.5”.

The main difference with these windows compared to other options is that that they are made from glass, which means that they won’t scratch as easily if at all.

Each window features a frame, an easy exterior mount for installation, and a magnetic catch. They manage to be silent when opening too.

Important Features to Consider


While deer blind windows can be made of glass or plastic-like materials, plexiglass is usually the go-to choice. Plexiglass deer blind windows are preferred as they are strong, shatter-resistant, and resistant to the elements. Glass is sometimes used because it doesn’t scratch as easily.


The best deer blind windows are tinted just right so it makes it difficult for deer to detect movement while ensuring that you are still easily able to see out the window. Well-designed windows shouldn’t be affected by low light conditions too much either – they should still be easy to look out of.


You will need a window system that allows for as close to complete silence as possible. Material can have an effect but so does the design of the window. Windows with slides can make too much noise, and in winter may even be frozen shut. This isn’t necessarily true in all cases but is something to keep in mind.

Size of Opening

At least a 10” opening is standard because it gives enough room for a scoped rifle plus recoil, as well as good concealment and space for a gun rest. You may prefer a smaller or larger opening depending on personal preferences, though.

Mount Options

Deer blind windows can be mounted in different positions. It can flip up or lock down vertically via a thumb latch, flip-up and out of the way, slide left or right horizontally, or mount to a wall or door, to name some of the options available.


Why not just buy a deer blind and forget the window?

Many people prefer deer blind windows because it helps keep the weather, bugs and unwanted animals out while still providing viewing and shooting access.

How can you keep deer blind windows from fogging?

Windows fogging up can be an annoying problem.

A few ways to prevent or at least reduce this is to have some form of ventilation, use an anti-fog product, or use a vented instead of a traditional heater.

Many people have good results applying shaving cream onto the windows and then removing it with paper towels. It’s an effective, inexpensive option.

Trying to minimize the amount of moisture you take in with you is also a good idea. For example, if you’ve walked through snow, water or ice try to knock as much off as possible before entering.

How high should deer blind windows be?

There isn’t a fixed height to follow. It depends on personal preference, your height, how tall your chair is, and so on.

One thing to keep in mind is that if the blind windows will be used by several people of varying heights, you want a good balance to accommodate everyone. Anywhere between 40-42” may be best in that case.