Two-Wheel Tractor Manufacturers

Current two-wheel tractor manufacturers in Asia


Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co.

Located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Provence near Shanghai Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co. claims to be the only manufacturer in China that owns the Dong Feng brand name. Manufacturing more than 150,000 two-wheel tractors a year in 8, 12, 14 and 15 hp ranges, it has recently expanded into the 4-wheel tractor market manufacturing over 30,000 tractors in the 20–90 hp range, under the brand name CHANGTUO.

Jiangxi Kaier Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd

From 9hp-20hp,Millions of Walking Tractor are working in Asia’s small farms. There is also smaller type 6-9hp called Mini Tiller. It can be widely meet the hills, mountains, greenhouses, orchards,gardens, paddy fields, such as a variety of different geographical agronomic needs. PENGPAI manufacture 105,135,121,151,181,201 Power Tiller.


Kerala Agricultural Machinery Corporation (KAMCO)

Located in Kerala in southern India, KAMCO in cooperation with Kubota, Japan, manufacturers 12 hp  two-wheel tractor with a range of attachments, a two-wheel tractor walk behind 3.5 hp 120 centimeter reaper and a small 5 hp. It currently sells nearly 6500 of its 2-wheel tractors per year.

VST Tiller Tractors Ltd.

Located in Bangalore, VST Tiller Tractors Ltd, part of the VST Group  in 1965, in association and joint venture with the Mitsubishi Group, Japan, began production of single cylinder diesel engines and two-wheel tractors. Currently they offer three versions of its VST Shakti brand two-wheel tractors with rotary tillers. The 13 hp VST Shakti 130DI/CT85, the 9 hp Mitsubishi Shakti VWH 120/ CT85, and 8 hp Mitsubishi Shakti AD 8V/CT85. In 2003 they also began importing Siafeng type 2-wheel tractors from China and marketing them under their Shakti Brand.


The Siam Kubota Industry Co.,Ltd.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Siam Kubota Industry Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture between The Siam Cement Pcl., Kubota Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, and Min Sen Machinery Co.,Ltd. they began operations in 1978. They make a range of havesters, 4-wheel tractors and 2-wheel tractors. They offer four models of walk behind (with out sulky seat) and with single and double (steering) clutches.


Vikyno, Southern Agricultural Machinery Company- Vietnam

Vikyno a manufacturer since 1967 of compact diesel engines, four-wheel (including Kubota under 35HP) and two-wheel tractors and agricultural machinery like rice mills and powered reapers. 2WTs models are: – MK55 + Gasoline Engine 168F. – MK70 + Diesel Engine RV70. – MK120S + Diesel Engine RV 125-2. – MK120 + Diesel Engine RV 125-2. – MK120B + Diesel Engine RV 125-2. – MK165 + Diesel Engine RV 165-2.

Current two-wheel tractor manufacturers in the west

United Kingdom

Mayfield Tractors

Mayfield pedestrian tractors appeared on the market sometime about 1949 and were principally designed as a grass cutter in much the same vein as the Allen Scythe. Subsequently a comprehensive range of attachments were available to turn the tractor into a useful tool for the smallholder and market gardener. Assembly was carried out at the Balfour works of S R Wood & Co in Croydon but latterly moved to a site in Redhill, Surrey.



Makers of two-wheel garden and farm two-wheel tractors with a variety of implements. The company was established in post-war Germany in the southwest of the country, in the federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The founder of the Mockmuhl Machine factory was Erwin Machtel, who, together with his partner and Technical Director Dr.Ing. Otto Gohler, managed in 1945 to re-locate the pre-war production line and materials of the Karlsruhe Gears Factory to the neighboring town of Ruschen. In response to the local vintner needs of the time, Machtel and Gohler were encouraged to produce their first non-wheeled power hoe, a project which transported the name Mockmuhl all over the world. Soon the wheeled version followed. In 1948 the 100th machine was sold. In 1958 the 100,000th machine was unveiled at the German Agricultural Fair by the then Minister and later Prime Minister Dr. Lübke. In 2001 the one millionth machine was raffled to the public at the Cologne International Gardening Fair. It was one of the Model 100, which represents Agria’s most popular model of power hoe.



Grillo spa began in the Romagna region in the early 1950′s developing a farm hoe for weeding in fruit orchards. In 1953 the first Grillo walking tractor was born. The Grillo winning idea was to detach the motorized tractor from the attachments. It became possible to fit tines, ploughs, and trailers, and via fitting a water pump it was possible to irrigate. In 1955 the factory started the first series production of 15 different models per year. In 1957 “Grillo” became the name of the factory (formerly Pinza) and a brand. In the 1980s the company experienced a considerable growth in the garden machines. In that decade the Grillo research and development department created the first Italian lawnmower with a double hydrostatic system. Today thousands of machines are sold throughout the world annually.

BCS Group

BCS was founded in 1943 by Luigi Castoldi in his workshop in Abbiategrasso, a small town near Milan. The area was and still is highly agricultural. For this reason the motor-mower model 243 was created. This was among the first self-propelled motor-mowers in the world. At the end of the 1960s BCS entered the field of green maintenance machines by producing the first “light” multipurpose two-wheel tractors. Starting in 1970, BCS introduced rotary disc-mowers. In 1988 BCS purchased Ferrari at Luzzara and in 1999 BCS purchased Pasquali at Calenzano; these acquisitions strengthened BCS Group’s divisions with two brands with an international reputation. BCS Group presently counts on three production plants (Abbiategrasso, Luzzara, and Cusago) and on six branches.

BCS Tractors

BCS are makers of two-wheel and four wheel tractors targeting both agriculture and commercial lawn and greens care. Headquarter and factories are located in Abbiategrasso.


Ferrari is a manufacturer of two and four wheel tractors devoted to agriculture and lawn care. It was created in 1954, during the agricultural reconstruction period of the country. After an initial period dedicated to the production of wire-drawing machines for irrigation pipes, in 1957 Ferrari took part in the Verona exhibition with its first agricultural machine: the two-wheel tractor MC 57, which carries the date of its birth. In 1965 Ferrari launched the first articulated tractor MT65. The range of products was increased to motor mowers and tractors for diverse applications. At the end of the 1960s, the company looked to foreign markets; the subsidiary company Ferrari France was established in 1972. In 1988 Ferrari became part of the BCS Group. Today Ferrari has a wide range of machines between maintenance machines for recreational use and professional tractors for niche agriculture. Headquarters and factories are located at Abbiategrasso.

Pasquali Macchine Agricole

Founded in 1949 by Dr. Lino Pasquali, the company began production of two-wheel tractors, and in the late 1950s ergonomic improvements such as rubber tires, seat, and steering handles were added. In the late 1960s a line of articulated four-wheel tractors was added. In 1999, the BCS group purchased the Pasquali brand. Pasquali machines work all over the world, with a wide range of motor mowers, two-wheel tractors, and specialized tractors with power up to 100 hp. Headquarters and factories are located at Abbiategrasso.

United States

Gravely Tractors

Established in 1916, Gravely Tractors began production of two-wheel tractor with moldboard plows costing approximately 170 USD and slowly grew to become one of the most recognized commercial lawn and garden machinery manufacturers in the US. In 1986 Gravely became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ariens Company.