Feeding of Farmed White-Tailed Deer

The following factors are important to consider when planning a sound feeding program for white-tailed deer.

Good nutrition is required to maximize conception rates and improve fawning percentages. White-tailed deer that do not go into winter in good condition will not survive the winter. White-tailed deer are browsers or selective grazers who prefer . . . → Read More: Feeding of Farmed White-Tailed Deer

Introduction to pasture growth for beef cattle

Key Points

• Map your grazing lands into pasture zones based on land capability and primary land use.

• Predict the potential annual pasture production from your grazing land using long-term rainfall records.

• Work out how the water cycle operates on your farm.

• Adopt new strategies to improve and maintain water use . . . → Read More: Introduction to pasture growth for beef cattle

Grazing management guidelines for individual species of pasture

Individual pasture and forage species have specific grazing requirements. You can use these requirements to increase or maintain that species in the pasture or to decrease a species, eg, to increase the relative contribution of other species in the mixture. The table below contains species specific information and the following are some general rules . . . → Read More: Grazing management guidelines for individual species of pasture

Establish new pastures

Many native grasses, such as this red grass, produce green summer feed in aseasonal or winter dominant rainfall zones

Background information

While numerous studies have shown that sowing introduced pastures can be profitable, the exercise is highly sensitive to factors such as: how successful the establishment is; the life of the . . . → Read More: Establish new pastures

Arrowleaf Clover - Establishment & Management

Establishment and Management


Arrowleaf clover cannot be successfully grown with a cereal cover crop. In most years the spring growth of the arrowleaf will impede the harvesting of the cereal crop.

Arrowleaf is best established by one of three methods –as an elite sward, drilled into existing pasture when that pasture is . . . → Read More: Arrowleaf Clover – Establishment & Management

African Lovegrass - Management

African Lovegrass


Because Consol seed cannot be easily identified from the seed of unpalatable naturalised lovegrass, it is essential to use only certified seed. Certification is the only protection growers have against impure seed. Some lovegrasses are highly unpalatable.

Sowing time

Consol can be sown successfully at any time in areas . . . → Read More: African Lovegrass – Management