Texas Longhorn Cattle Breed


The Texas Longhorn was fashioned entirely by nature in North America. Stemming from ancestors that were the first cattle to set foot on American soil almost 500 years ago, it became the sound end product of “survival of the fittest”. Shaped by a combination of natural selection and adaptation to the environment, the . . . → Read More: Texas Longhorn Cattle Breed

South Devon Cattle Breed


The South Devon (which is different to the North Devon) originated in South West England around 400 years ago, in an area of Devon known as the South Hams, from here they spread right across the counties of Devon and Cornwall.

Historical evidence indicates that isolation caused the divergence of the North and . . . → Read More: South Devon Cattle Breed

Retinta Cattle Breed


The Retinta breed evolved from a combination of breeds such as the Andalusian Red, Extremadura Red and Andalusian Blond, it is an indigenous breed to the south and southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Red skinned cattle, in different shades, have existed in the Iberian Peninsula since ancient times.

Red skinned cattle have evolved . . . → Read More: Retinta Cattle Breed

Red Angus Cattle Breed


The Red Angus breed has the exact same origins of the Aberdeen Angus. Originally it was brought in by the Vikings from Europe and introduced to England and Scotland, these cattle were small, dun-coloured and polled.

The new breed of cattle were then interbred with the local black horned Celtic cattle of Scotland . . . → Read More: Red Angus Cattle Breed

Mirandesa Cattle Breed


The Mirandesa is the native breed of Portugal, it is also known by names such as Frieiresa (in Spanish) and Ratinha.

They are used as a draft breed and also for beef production. Even in the late 1970′s these animals were still being used to pull fishing boats from the water.

Today the . . . → Read More: Mirandesa Cattle Breed

Lowline Cattle Breed


Australian Lowline Cattle were developed from an Aberdeen Angus herd which was established at the Trangie Research Centre in 1929, they were bred to provide quality breeding stock for the NSW cattle industry.

Seed stock were purchased from Scotland, Canada, America and selected Australian Studs to form the foundation of the . . . → Read More: Lowline Cattle Breed