Dry Matter Recovery in Heated Hays


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Dry matter is lost whenever heating occurs in hay bales.

Dry matter losses occur in virtually all hay packages, but these losses are relatively minor without evidence of heating.

Most of the DM that is lost during hay storage is nonstructural carbohydrate (plant sugars) that . . . → Read More: Dry Matter Recovery in Heated Hays

Hay Testing and Interpretation of Results

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The production and storage of hay is an integral component of most livestock enterprises in Arkansas. Some producers maintain a full line of hay equipment and produce large quantities of hay; others prefer to purchase hay to meet their needs. An understanding of the processes . . . → Read More: Hay Testing and Interpretation of Results

Storage of Hay

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Hay can be kept for long periods if properly made and correctly stored; in contrast, it can deteriorate rapidly and even be lost by careless storage. The aim in storing hay is to keep it dry and to protect it from wastage due to rots, pests, . . . → Read More: Storage of Hay

Measuring spontaneous heating

Under research conditions, spontaneous heating usually is not measured simply as internal bale temperature.

The concept of heating degree days (HDD) is often used as a single index that incorporates both the magnitude and duration of heating during the entire storage period.

Heating degree days usually are calculated by subtracting 86°F (30°C) from the . . . → Read More: Measuring spontaneous heating

Further Nutritional Characteristics of Heated Hay

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Most measures of forage nutritive value are affected negatively by spontaneous heating.

Digestibility is no exception.

As nonstructural carbohydrates and other highly digestible compounds within the forage plant are lost to respiration, concentrations of less digestible plant components (particularly fiber components) increase noticeably. This . . . → Read More: Further Nutritional Characteristics of Heated Hay

Weathering Effects on Hay

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Spontaneous heating is not the only factor that can affect the nutritional value of stored hay.

Over the last two decades, large round bales generally have replaced small rectangular bales as the preferred type of hay package largely because of the reduced requirement for labor. Many . . . → Read More: Weathering Effects on Hay