Hay Testing and Interpretation of Results

Hay Stacks on Westray Attribution Drewcorser


The production and storage of hay is an integral component of most livestock enterprises in Arkansas. Some producers maintain a full line of hay equipment and produce large quantities of hay; others prefer to purchase hay to meet their needs. An understanding of the processes . . . → Read More: Hay Testing and Interpretation of Results

Conservation of Plant Sugars

Plant sugars and other nonstructural carbohydrates are highly digestible; therefore, it is desirable to conserve these compounds during the haying process. Generally, perennial cool-season grasses have higher concentrations of nonstructural carbohydrates than either legumes or perennial warm-season grasses. Lush, immature forages usually have relatively low concentrations of sugars. Forages mowed late in the afternoon . . . → Read More: Conservation of Plant Sugars

Nutritive Value of common goat feeds

The nutritive value of┬áplant species changes throughout the year. For example, the feed value during the vegetative stage of plant growth will be distinctly different to the reproductive (flowering) stage. Environmental conditions can also affect the nutritive value of feed eg frost. These factors need to be taken into account when assessing the value . . . → Read More: Nutritive Value of common goat feeds