Permanent Sheep/Cattle Fence

How do I build a permanent Sheep/Cattle Fence?

1. Decide the line of the fence and install the strainer posts (A)

2. Using an insultimber dropper as a guide mark off the wire spacings and attach the super strain insulators (E)

3. Run out each wire, tie off and slightly tension using a permanent wire tightener (D) – Handles are available

4. Install insultimber posts (B) approximately every 16 metres and attach the wires with the clips provided

5.Tension the wires to the final tension and add the insultimber droppers (C) – 3 between each insultimber post

6. Attach the switch (H), install the cable and make the parallel connection of the top 3 wires

7. Connect the 2 flexible connectors (G) to the closest end of the fence only