Goat Growth Rate and Mature Weight tables

The tables provide guidelines on the sorts of growth rates that can be expected from young Boer and rangeland goats. These have been provided to assist you in making management decisions about feeding regimes and establishing strategies to achieve market specifications.

Growth guide for full-blood Boer goat in rangeland conditions.

These figures equate to an average daily weight gain of close to 200grams/day. They apply to the first 12 months of life. Sexual maturity in Boer goats can be as early as 3.5 months, with a related body weight estimated at 40% of the mature weight.

Growth rate guide for first cross (Boer x rangeland) and rangeland goats.

Data taken from a Western Australian trial involving male goats born between June and August 1996 (note the value of hybrid vigor):

Mature body weights.

This table provides a guide to the mature body weights that can be expected from different goat breeds.

Note: these are average figures only. The variation within breeds and between sexes is large.