Estimating Beef Cattle Fencing Costs Canadian

A number of fence designs are being used to fence cattle on BC ranches and rangelands. The six nonelectric and two electric fences discussed here account for the majority of wire fence designs. Wood rail fences are not covered.

Fences are priced for level terrain – rough terrain will increase costs of both materials and labour. All prices are FOB Kamloops as of November 2003. No right-of-way preparation costs or sales taxes are included.

Annual ownership costs are not included because of the difficulty in accurately establishing the two main costs: depreciation (depends on fence life that can vary widely) and maintenance (can vary widely due to the quality of construction, the fence use, climate, etc.). Note that although an electric fence has a low construction cost, its annual cost may be from one half to equal that of a nonelectric fence. It is important to consider both the installed costs listed here as well as the ongoing annual costs.