Free-range pigs

A free-range piggery is a one in which the pig herd is rotated on pastures or cropland (e.g. sows are mated and farrow in paddocks, piglets are weaned and grown out in paddocks). There are variations to the production system on some farms e.g. growers may be finished in shelters. Free-range pigs are typically . . . → Read More: Free-range pigs.

Fostering piglets.

Fostering piglets has been part of basic husbandry for so long that few people have questioned it. Over time things can change so that the original reasons are remote from current practice. On some farms too many pigs are being moved too often and on other farms fostering is getting in the way of . . . → Read More: Fostering piglets.

Zigzag Farrowing Pig Pens.

About zigzag farrowing.

Pig farrowing crates arranged in a zigzag pattern in pens on floors that are part-concrete and part-slatted can give excellent results. Zigzag farrowing pens offer several advantages, including that:

they make maximum use of available floor area part-slatted pens fitted with zigzag crates are cleaner and drier the creep area is . . . → Read More: Zigzag Farrowing Pig Pens.

Piggery Weaner Flooring.

There is a variety of flooring systems available for use in piggery housing. This information and the suppliers are a guide only and there may be other suppliers and materials available. This information was provided by the suppliers; please contact them for up-to-date data and specifications.

Plastic flooring. Vi tile (standard)

This interlocking modular . . . → Read More: Piggery Weaner Flooring.

Selecting Ingredients for a Pigs Diet.

Feed is the largest cost item in any intensive livestock enterprise. Selecting the right combination of feed ingredients to provide a diet giving optimum animal production at least cost is a complex problem. When working out diets, there are over 40 individual nutrients to consider, not only their actual concentrations, but also the ratios . . . → Read More: Selecting Ingredients for a Pigs Diet.

Weaner Feeders in Piggeries.

Feeders vary in their features, such as adjustment of feed flow, and these features were examined as part of six weaner feeders trialled in 2000. Many of the feeders tested are still in common use, for example, the Penguin and Maxi-mat, however there are other similar feeders now available. In the trial there were . . . → Read More: Weaner Feeders in Piggeries.