Criteria for Choosing Beef Bulls

Have a look at the records first and select those animals which have the breeding values you require. Then go and look at the bulls. Breeders making good genetic progress will have high culling levels and should generally only have good sound bulls available for sale. Unless one of your chosen bulls has . . . → Read More: Criteria for Choosing Beef Bulls

Selecting Beef Bulls

Choosing bulls is the most important breeding decision you make becasuse the sire contributes about 80% of the potential genetic improvement to a herd. What this means in practice is that the really key decision is which bull breeder you choose. You must identify a breeder who is making regular genetic progress in the . . . → Read More: Selecting Beef Bulls

Systems for Recording Liveweight of Cattle

Weighing can be used to make selection/ culling decisions on unrecorded herds.The regular weighing of live animals is vital to increased productivity and farm profitability. Well informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate.

Manual systems

Prepare a pre-numbered check list which has a space . . . → Read More: Systems for Recording Liveweight of Cattle

Scales for Liveweights of Cattle

Profitable cattle are those which produce the greatest weight of saleable meat in the shortest time. The only way to directly measure this performance trait in live animals is to weigh them at intervals and compare results for different animals. Considerable progress has been made in developing instruments to indirectly assess lean meat percentage . . . → Read More: Scales for Liveweights of Cattle

Trough Times For Bovine Vandals.

Mark’s Farm Tips provide useful farming advice to help take your farm to its full potential — from Sota’s Agronomist & Farming Guru, Mark Crakanthorp.

A good trough is nearly as good an investment as a Sota Kubota! And, just as you would invest time and research into getting the best tractor for your . . . → Read More: Trough Times For Bovine Vandals.

Tagging at Weaning of Cattle

Ensure you have the correct sets of printed out cow lists. Enter information directly onto these lists, don’t use a system which involves transferring data from ‘temporary’ or ‘rough’ lists to ‘permanent’ or `good’ records. This will only increase the chance of making errors and require more time. Weighing for weaning weights can (should) . . . → Read More: Tagging at Weaning of Cattle